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Bug#296494: webmin-ldap-useradmin cannot create new user(no structural object class)

Package: webmin-ldap-useradmin
Version: 1.160-3
Distribution: testing
Severity: grave

The webmin module(both this and the latest one from
webmin.com) is just not compatible with debian's ldap
schema setup making this module not usable, thus the
grave severity.

The problem is that inetOrgPerson is not included in
the class which is a must for the ldap scheme to work.
In order to make this module work in debian, the
following change is needed (in
/usr/share/webmin/save_user.cgi) :

add inetOrgPerson to the object class needed
add 'sn' attribute as that is a must for inetOrgPerson

After the above changes, this module can create users
as expected. Though it is still not compatible with
debian's standard behaviour of each user has its own group.

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