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Bug#277210: Do _not_ file massbugs without consulting debian-devel (Re: Bug#277210: package description typo(s) and the like)

On 20041019T134416+0200, Bill Allombert wrote:
> Please cool down, if you compare with #268503, this one includes a 
> patch whereas the original did not, so it is not a duplicate but an
> improvement.

In other words, it is a duplicate report with a patch.  The proper thing
(with respect to this individual case) would have been to send the patch
to #268503 without opening a new bug.

> It seems this bug submitter has made much more effort toward quality bug
> reports than the previous attempt at fixing typos so I see no point
> flaming him.

He was not flamed; he was being corrected about an important piece of
Debian etiquette.

> I dream to receive patch in bug reports. Sending 63 patches
> do not really qualify as massive bug filling. 

The issue is not whether it was massive but whether it was a mass bug
report.  There is a difference: the latter is usually indicated when
many bugs are opened on a similar issue against several package based on
a (semi)automated search for a particular kind of bug in the Debian

> If you think it is a duplicate, you should merge them not close it
> summarily, especially since this one include a patch.

That is true.

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, Debian developer 


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