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Bug#277216: package description typo(s) and the like

Package: 3dwm-server
Version: 0.3.1-11.3
Severity: minor

I searched through the Packages file a bit for typos and the like - below
you find a diff of this package's description (a) showing what I think is
wrong and (b) how I suggest it to be corrected.

 Description: 3Dwm display server
  This package contains the 3Dwm display server daemon, which commands the input
- hardware. Clients can connect to it by using it's user interface services.
+ hardware. Clients can connect to it by using its user interface services.
  3Dwm is the Three-Dimensional Workspace Manager. It defines a full user
  environment with support for three-dimensional user interfaces using a 3D
  widget kit. It also provides some backwards compatiility with all the major
  existing windowing systems using VNC.

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