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SpamAssassin 3

I'm sending you this e-mail because a package you maintain depends (or
recommends or suggests) spamassassin. (I apologize if you get multiple
copies of this message because you maintain multiple packages
depending on spamassassin...)

Most of you will already know that spamassassin has recently upgraded
to a new upstream version. Unfortunately, this new version is not
entirely backwards compatible.

If you access SpamAssassin through the Mail::SpamAssassin perl
modules, your program will not work with the new spamassassin. As a
result, spamassassin 3.0.0 needs to conflict with your package (<=
current version). Since I can't guess which version of your package
will be fixed to work with the new perl interface, it is also
essential that you declare a Conflicts: relationship with spamassassin
>= 3.0.0 in your next upload. If I need to add a Conflicts:
relationship, I need to know; please let me know by posting a message
to 274993-maintonly@bugs.debian.org.

If you call the spamc program or spamassassin script or communicate
directly with spamd over TCP, your program is not affected by the
upgrade. Feel free to let me know at 274993-maintonly@bugs.debian.org
or simply ignore this message.

I appreciate your help in this matter. I simply do not have the time
to check every package manually, so your help is quite valuable.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Duncan Findlay

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