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Gemini Massage Parlour


I am the Webmaster for Gemini Massage Parlour in Radcliffe.

I have been requested to help promote the Website by way of Text Links 
or a Banner Exchange.

If you do choose to link to us please link to 
http://gemini-massage.co.uk and use the text 'Gemini Massage Parlour' 
or 'Gemini Sauna - Manchester' 
Alternatively please visit 
http://www.gemini-massage.co.uk/add-your-banner.asp and add your banner 
to our links page once we verify it, your listing will appear in our 

I know I should link to you before I request a link back but I am new 
to this and do-not really know where to start so I deceided to contact 
people via e-mail as a first port of call. I am using software and am 
trying to locate Adult Directories, if this is not relevant to you 
please accept my apologises I will ot caontact you again.

If you have any questions just drop me an email at 


P.S. Please sned me your linkinf info and I can add it to the Website 
for you if the need be.

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