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Career Applicant

  How are you!
  I am interested in applying for the position of curtain wall . My resume is attached at http://liubowen.club.jonwa.com
for your review.  I am confident that my skills (such like Black Belt, Executive Overview―Leaders communicating, leading, and direct the 
company’s overall objectives toward a successful and profitable Six Sigma deployment.Champion Program―Upper level managers 
 leading the implementation efforts of Six Sigma)and past experience could make great contributions to your
 organization. Therefore I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications for this position 
in greater detail with you in person at your earliest convenience. I would welcome the opportunity to further
 discuss this position/project with you at your convenience.If do not fit or finding other hr and mached podition,please forward reusme. 
 I am standing by to hear from you and await for your response!
  Thank you for your consideration 
  Warm regards!  Looking forward with you!

  My Cv is in  Homepage: http://liubowen.club.jonwa.com
  Mr.Liu Bowen
  Call:+8675526960172 Mobile:+8675526146412 Fax:+8675526960408

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