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Bug#202593: [Joseph.Grone@DigitalNet.com: RE: eSNACC public licence still missing from v1.7 + Debian contributions]

Received privately.

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Subject: RE: eSNACC public licence still missing from v1.7 + Debian contributions
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 12:10:22 -0400
From: "Grone, Joseph" <Joseph.Grone@DigitalNet.com>
To: Martin Quinson <mquinson@ens-lyon.fr>
Cc: "Joseph, Susan" <Susan.Joseph@DigitalNet.com>

I am not sure why it didn't post to the mailing list.  I will look into the licensing issue.  I think the public license resides in the ./SNACC/docs directory in the zip file in our documentation.  If not, that is something that I will add for the next release.  I will also take a look at your changes, and contact you back.  We have recently moved to using CMMI in our development process, so any changes we want to make will have to be approved before a board before they can be incorporated into a release.  We have already set our requirements for the next release before the board, so I am unsure as to wether any of your changes will be able to be made for our next release.  Thank you.

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	From: Martin Quinson [mailto:mquinson@ens-lyon.fr] 
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	To: Grone, Joseph 
	Subject: eSNACC public licence still missing from v1.7 + Debian contributions

	After 3 days, the archive does not show my message, and I've got no answer.
	I thus send it to you directly to workaround any technical issue with the
	mailing list.
	Thanks for your time,
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	Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 18:12:44 -0700
	To: imc-snacc@imc.org
	Cc: 202593@bugs.debian.org
	Subject: eSNACC public licence still missing from v1.7 + Debian contributions
	[please keep the debian bug in CC for logging purposes]
	In http://www.imc.org/imc-snacc/mail-archive/msg00282.html that it would be
	a good idea to include the eSNACC public licence within the archive. As
	version 1.7, it is still not done.
	Could you please schedule that for the next release (ie do in your CVS?) ?
	That being said, I wanted to signal that there is snacc is part of the
	Debian distribution. It resulted in small changes to the program. You can
	find a compressed patch containing all those changes at:
	(ignore anything within the debian/ directory, of course).
	Moreover, a patch was provided by a debian user (even if not included yet).
	More about that here:
	I would love it you could review those patches, and integrate them in your
	tree if they seem relevant or explain why if not (so that I can forward this
	information to the patch authors). That would allow me to propose cleanups
	to the debian package "maintainer".
	Thanks for your time, and for taking over the maintainership of this software.
	PS: Please note that I'm not even member of Debian, but a simple user.
	PS to reader of the Debian bug log: this is dupplicated because I was stupid
	enough to send the previous mail to the majordomo istead of the imc mailling
	Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.
	  -- Groucho Marx
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