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Package gstalker in stable superceded by qtstalker

Hello QA-team,

I am the maintainer of qtstalker, which has just entered unstable. Qtstalker is upstream's successor to gstalker which is now orphaned in woody (and not present in sarge/sid). One of gstalker's ex-maintainers suggested I create a transitional package so users can migrate to qtstalker.

I'd like your opinion on how to go about this (I am in the NM-process, so pardon my ignorance). Do I adopt gstalker, then create a new empty Debian-only package (so as to not pull orig.tgz into unstable), with no other function than a Depends on qtstalker, and upload that to unstable?

Note that there is no compatibility between Gstalker and Qtstalker, except in the sense of the general functionality offered.

Hope you can help me on this.

Best regards,

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