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Bug#256846: nedit segfaults when resizing window

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 16:44:27 +0200
Danny Backx <danny.backx@planetinternet.be> wrote:

> Actually I've awaited further input which I got today,
> but this issue has come around in November as well.
> At the time I worked with the person who had the problem,
> and by cleanly recompiling nedit and LessTif, the problem
> disappeared.
> At the time, the problem appeared to be related to having
> several versions of include files and library sources
> present on the system.
> This can happen between Motif and LessTif, but it can also
> be made to happen between versions of LessTif. (Install a
> full LessTif 1.2, then compile a LessTif 2.* but only install
> its libraries, not the includes. Then any application that
> you compile on the system is faced with a library that's
> incompatible with the include files.)
> I am 99% (actually 105%) certain that the situation in the
> current report is similar, and therefore not a LessTif bug
> but an installation problem.

I correct : it is probably an issue in Debian Lesstif package,
which includes the installation phase.
> The reason is (1) similar stories, (2) the stack trace reveals
> function names such as CommitNewLocations and
> RefigureLocationsAndCommit that are not present in LessTif.
Thoses functions are included in X libraries.
> The solution for this user is obvious : make sure only one
> set of {Mo,Less}Tif libraries and include files is present
> on the system, make sure they belong together, and compile
> nedit with that.
> My guess for this user would be that he installed LessTif
> but that OpenMotif is also present on his system without
> his knowledge. Solution is simple: remove OpenMotif.

The debian lesstif package cannot be installed 
in the same time than openmotif (libraries or include).
It is also impossible to install the lesstif2-dev (include for 
motif 2.1) package in the same time than lesstif-dev package
(include for motif 1.2).
It is possible to install lesstif1 (libraries) and lesstif 2 
in the same time.

So I think the situation you describe is impossible.

	Alexandre Pineau

Il vente, c'est le vent de la mer qui nous tourmente. - Pierre Mac Orlan

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