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Bug#258467: avview: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: label at end of compound statement

Package: avview
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

When building 'avview' with gcc-3.4 I get the following error:

main.c: In function `get_value':
main.c:60: warning: implicit declaration of function `strcmp'
if gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I. -I/usr/include/tcl8.4/tcl-private/generic -I/usr/include/tcl8.4/tk-private/generic   -Wall -O2 -DAVVIEW_VERSION=\"0.12.0\"  -g -O2 -MT avview_shell-vbi.o -MD -MP -MF ".deps/avview_shell-vbi.Tpo" \
  -c -o avview_shell-vbi.o `test -f 'vbi.c' || echo './'`vbi.c; \
then mv ".deps/avview_shell-vbi.Tpo" ".deps/avview_shell-vbi.Po"; \
else rm -f ".deps/avview_shell-vbi.Tpo"; exit 1; \
vbi.c: In function `vbi_pipe_handler':
vbi.c:102: error: label at end of compound statement
vbi.c:105: error: label at end of compound statement
vbi.c: In function `vbi_loop':
vbi.c:116: warning: unused variable `i'
vbi.c:117: warning: unused variable `d'
vbi.c: In function `vbi_open_device':
vbi.c:271: warning: passing arg 3 of `pthread_create' from incompatible pointer type
make[2]: *** [avview_shell-vbi.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/avview-0.12.0'
make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/avview-0.12.0'
make: *** [build-stamp] Error 2

With the attached patch 'avview' can be compiled using gcc-3.4.

Andreas Jochens

diff -urN ../tmp-orig/avview-0.12.0/vbi.c ./vbi.c
--- ../tmp-orig/avview-0.12.0/vbi.c	2003-05-21 01:01:45.000000000 +0200
+++ ./vbi.c	2004-07-08 20:21:09.990653459 +0200
@@ -98,10 +98,8 @@
 				Tcl_VarEval(data->interp, data->event_command, " aspect {}", NULL);
-			default:
-	default:

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