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Hi, it's Rachael again! My email account wasnt functioning properly, maybe thats why I havn't heard anything from you yet :/ I have been trying to get a hold of you, though I can never seem to send the email out with out doing something stupid. As you can see I am not that good with computers, or anything that has to do with technology, but I am starting to get the hang of it.
Anyways, the reason I am emailing you is because I have seen your profile on line. My website is finally ready with my new pictures and updates. Here is my website :


I hope you like what you see, I have been trying to get my self a modeling career but it seems as though people find something wrong with me ; (. Well. Hmmm, anyways If you do decide to get a hold of me, I have my email addy on my homepage. I am looking for someone who I can have a good conversation with, or anyone who wants to have a simple good time <|^_^|>
I hope we can get in touch. I am usually online.
-kisses, Rachael

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