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Bug#252003: Package: python-simpy new release

Package: python-simpy
Version: 1.4.2
Severity: wishlist

We have published SimPy v. 1.4.2 on SourcewForge.net. (http://simpy.sourceforge.net/index.html) This is a maintenance release.

Changes from release 1.4.1


      - class Histogram has been added to modules SimulationRT,
        SimulationTrace and SimulationStep. It had been accidentally

testSimpy.py, Monitortest.py
     - An error in the tests for monitored Resource queues has been

      - This module now also accepts the "yield hold,self" form which
        defaults to zero delay.


testSimPyRT, testSimPyTrace, testSimPyStep
      - These unittest modules have been added. They test the respective
        simulation modules with exactly the same tests as testSimPy
        tests module Simulation. Thus, they test for compatibility.

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