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Bug#247059: hylafax-client: Source not present for faxcover.ps

Il Mon, May 03, 2004 at 02:13:19PM +1200, Ewen McNeill ha scritto:
> I believe that Debian Policy is that all source code is to be shipped
> for applications; and that source code is supposed to be in the easiest
> modifiable form for someting.  faxcover.ps does not have source code in
> this sense, as it is extremely difficult to edit the postscript manually
> (I spent over an hour manually trying to modify it before giving up
> and creating a whole new faxcover.ps and trying to merge in the hylafax
> template features).  The original tex file from which it was obviously
> generated would be much easier to modify, possibly with whatever script
> inserted the necessary fields to link it to hylafax's system.

I am relatively new to faxcover, so maybe I am wrong, but I am not
sure that this postscript page was created using tex/latex. In any case
the source program as it is in CVS does not include a tex file for

I would, if you agree, and after checking the copyrights and licence,
include both make_faxcover and latex-cover in the next upload.


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