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umask 027 is ignored in kde

i am expiriencing debian for now 2 weeks and will move from SuSE. 
Today i found a strange problem which I can\'t fix:  
If I set umask in /etc/profile to 027 files created in a konsole-windows will 
have the right permissions that is 640 OK! 
But if I create files with any graphical program they will be created with 
permissions 644! 
How do I convince KDE to use my umask value? 
I set the umask in all variations of bash resource files with no effect. 
I also changed UMASK in /etc/login.defs without any effect in respect to kde. 
I am using kde 3.1.4 installed via meta.package kde, Version: 4:2.2.25. 
Any ideas? 
Ciao Ari 

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