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Bug#153793: NEW PUBLIC COMPNAY ALERT: MYIQ The "Legal" Napster


Symbol: MYIQ
Market: OTC
Sector: File Sharing on the Consumer Level

Imagine the impact of taking file sharing from the consumer level (which Napster did for music) to the commercial and educational level world-wide.  Or editing and digitally delivering data from institutions as NASA, the National Congressional Library, the National Parks Services, Universities, Colleges, public libraries, and museums to students and workers.   Edulink (MYIQ.OB) offers this opportunity.

MYIQ owns a proprietary technology called eKnowledgeXchange that allows schools, universities and corporations to retrieve, store and share vast amounts of data and eknowledge on a real-time basis.  Developed by its technology partner SAIC (a large privately held & renowned engineering firm with strong ties to the Department of Defense) and market tested over the last several years, eKnowledgeXchange assists the advancement of Education and Corporate Training worldwide by enhancing the way we learn.

 * MYIQ is the only company with this technology.
 * MYIQ's eKnowledgeXchange technology is open and can be integrated with any other software.

With the advancement of the internet, the educational and corporate market can take advantage of eKnowledgeXchange (eKX) to develop, maintain and tremendously improve the abilities of students and workers by utilizing knowledge assets from more than the customary content providers, including prominent non-profit institutions and Universities, and government agencies(and government agencies can increase funds received from the federal government when providing resources for use in education).

Specifically, learning institutions can more effectively teach students by providing them with very precise knowledge resources in the form of text, video, graphics and sound, all tied to applicable state standards.  This, in turn, increases the likelihood of complying with state and federal standards per the No Child Left Behind Legislation.  So not only is regulatory compliance achieved, so is the ability of public schools to obtain federal funds and grants, a highly attractive proposition for any institution.  Moving on to the commercial/corporate market, corporate trainers can obtain the most up-to-date knowledge resources, customize the material they present and teach workers the most pertinent components required to achieve the task at hand.

As you can see, MYIQ is at the forefront of these new teaching technologies by developing and advancing the applications of eKnowledgeXchange.  To compliment this, they are acquiring companies that add value, technologies, revenue and customers to their core business.

In January, MYIQ announced the agreement to acquire Bloomen, a leading educational company in China with projected revenue for 2004 of over $10 million.   (ROB - same company)

MYIQ also entered the publishing service business with immediate revenue opportunities via the acquisition of Jaqkar,Inc.,, a private company that provides simple and economic solutions to clients due to the convergence of the print media and digital worlds.  Clients include the American Association on Mental Retardation (AAMR).

MYIQ's revenue models include subscription fees, distributions fees, service fees, licensing fees, Federal and State Grants, upfront license fees and revenue sharing involving their technology.

Industry and Projections

Current expenditures for public and elementary schools increased 47 percent from 1987-88 to 2000-01.

>From 2000-01 to 2012-13, current expenditures are projected to increase
 * 31 percent, to $465 billion, in the middle alternative projections;
 * 19 percent, to $420 billion, in the low alternative projections; and
 * 43 percent, to $507 billion, in the high alternative projections.

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