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Bug#223759: cdtool: cdplay doesn't

Hi Jerry,

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 10:49:27PM -0500, Jerry Quinn wrote:
> cdplay acts like it is playing a track, but no sound comes out.

I need some more information from you about this bug. Can you
please check that none of the following problems applies:
 o CD mixer channel muted or volume turned down?

 o Many PCs require a cable between the CD-ROM and the sound card
   in order to play audio CDs, but some systems dont have this
   cable installed and therefore won't work with cdtool and other
   programs that dont support digital audio extraction. Can you check
   that you have such a cable?
It would help if you could check whether playing CDs with other CD
player programs works on your hardware. Also, what is the brand and
model of you CD-ROM drive?


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