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Bug#232886: Inefficient packaging of arch independent data

Package: emacs20-dl
Version: 20.7-14.3
Severity: normal

This is a semi-automated bug report based on scanning the contents of
binary .deb files in the Debian archive.

The emacs20-dl packages seem to contain a very large amount of
architecture-independent data in architecture-dependent packages,
specifically data installed under /usr/share. This is wasteful of
mirror space and bandwidth, as we then end up with multiple copies of
this data, one for each architecture. Policy is quite clear on this


The usage (in KB) of /usr/share by these packages is currently:

29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_alpha.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_arm.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_hppa.deb
29240 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_i386.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_ia64.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_m68k.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_mips.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_mipsel.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_powerpc.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_s390.deb
29232 pool/main/e/emacs20-dl/emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_sparc.deb

Please split this package appropriately.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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