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Bug#221354: Bug still exists.

I can still reproduce the bug with 1.4.4-4

I've determined two contributing factors:
  1. the use of ^M line endinds in overlay-fix
  2. The use of the -nomule variant of xemacs.

If both occur, then so does the bug. If I remove the '^M' line ending
from the file or switch to xemacs21-mule, the bug disappears.

This reduced testcase fails in xemacs21-nomule:
(provide 'overlay-fix)^M

I was running xemacs 21.4.6-8, the nomule variant.

If I swap to using xemacs 21.4.6-8  mule, then the bug disappears. 

I have a workaround, which is the important part. I apologize for not
replying earlier, but I don't recall ever seeing a feedback.


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