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Bug#214149: crm114_20040207-BlamePaoloMore-auto.1-1_i386.deb (was: Re: [Crm114-general] New Rev with Paolo's Fix and More)

   From: Ariel <assourceforge@dsgml.com>

   > I've build crm114_20040207-BlamePaoloMore-auto.1-1_i386.deb from
   > crm114-20040207-BlamePaoloMore-auto.1.tar.gz .  Get the .deb, as well as
   > the source deb, from http://mdcc.cx/pub/crm114/debian/ .

   It also needs to Depends: procmail, mailx, mew-bin | mimedecode

   (grep syscall mailfilter.crm)

I don't think we call procmail directly.  We do call "formail", 
which might be in the procmail kit (in which case, yeah, it should
be in the dependency list).

      -Bill Yerazunis

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