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Bug#188867: Bug 188867: cdtool patch adds cdclose

Hi Josh,

On Sat, Feb 07, 2004 at 01:01:32PM +0100, josh buhl wrote:
> I must say I'm rather disappointed you made a new version of cdtool and 
> didn't bother to apply my very simple patch. cdclose is a natural 
> companion to cdeject in the cdtool package, which the developers simply 
> forgot to add, and the patch is very transparent.

I can understand your disappointment. If you look at the changes in
2.1.5-5 though, you'll see that most of it relates to the Debian
packaging rather than the upstream code. As this was a QA non-maintainer
upload I felt it was inappropriate to change the package feature-wise.

> Upstream posted the patch on their website and said that if they ever 
> make a new release they would apply the patch, but the likelyhood of 
> ever bothering to make a new release is very low, so if the debian 
> developers don't apply the patch, it probably will never get applied.

Fair point. cdtool is currently orphaned in Debian but it could really
do with a caring maintainer who is familiar with it's code. You seem to
fit that description quite well, how about it? :-) 


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