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Bug#208662: acknowledged by developer (removed)

On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 10:55:11PM +1000, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl@samba-tng.org> [2003-10-14 14:38]:
> >  if it's pretty simple i'll do it.
> Roughly yeah, although it's very oversimplified.

 once, i went through _almost_ the entire process of getting some
 packages done, with help from andreas rottman.

> You could just maintain the packge for yourself outside of Debian, as
 yeess...  and at present i'm simply working with the straight source,
 although this is quite irritating because it goes in /usr/local,
 uses incompatible-with-debian conf file arrangements, incompatible
 with debian-maintained-mifluz etc. etc...

> there obviously wasn't that big an interest in the package.  

 it's pretty sophisticated, it doesn't quite do exactly what i need
 [hence the patch], it uses mifluz, as a plugin, for indexing rather
 than doing the indexing itself.
 you can write your _own_ indexing plugins (hence my continued
 interest) which i am using to record adds, modifications and
 deletions of web pages.
 if, however, i come across more than one restriction that i cannot
 work with / code around, i intend to give up on this package and look
 at some others.

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