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Bug#215286: jw pollutes stdout

Package: docbook-utils
Version: 0.6.9-12

When using the -u flag with the html backend, jw prints diagnostic
information to stdout, which is precisely where the html goes.

$ docbook2html -u scriptify.0.3.dbk
Using catalogs: /etc/sgml/catalog
Using stylesheet: /usr/share/sgml/docbook/utils-0.6.9/docbook-utils.dsl#html
Working on: /home/phil/projects/maths/primes/primeform/scriptify/scriptify.0.3.dbk

Maybe the 4 echos in /usr/bin/jw have a 1>&2 appended to them,
so that stdout doesn't get polluted with non-HTML?

Phil Carmody

Phil Carmody, ASDF Ltd.
Before you ask, I don't use a Dvorak keyboard.

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