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Bug#213913: request-tracker: Silently ignores database errors, causing ticket data loss

Package: request-tracker
Version: 2.0.14-2
Severity: important

RT2 fails to act on database errors on INSERT, causing data to be lost.
Such errors can be the result of severe conditions (e.g. database
partition full), but can also be caused by much less severe conditions
that prove hard to debug. I ran into one of those: the PostgreSQL
database that RT used was created with unicode encoding, and some of the
data being inserted was in ISO8859-1 (i.e. containing accents).

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux polaris 2.4.20-ac1 #1 SMP Mon Dec 2 13:07:53 CET 2002 i686

Versions of packages request-tracker depends on:
ii  apache-ssl [httpd] Versatile, high-performance HTTP s
ii  libapache-dbi-perl 0.88-5                Connect apache server to database 
ii  libapache-mod-perl 1.26-3.0woody1        Integration of perl with the Apach
ii  libapache-request- 0.33-1                Generic Apache Request Library
ii  libapache-session- 1.54-1                Perl modules for keeping persisten
ii  libcgi-pm-perl     2.81-1                a Perl5 CGI Library
ii  libdate-manip-perl 5.40-1                a perl library for manipulating da
ii  libdbd-pg-perl     1.01-3                a PostgreSQL interface for Perl 5 
ii  libdbix-datasource 0.02-2                Database-independent create and dr
ii  libdbix-dbschema-p 0.20-1                Database-independent schema object
ii  libdbix-searchbuil 0.48-1                Perl extension for easy SQL SELECT
ii  libdigest-md5-perl 2.13-2                MD5 Message Digest for Perl
ii  libfreezethaw-perl 0.41-2                converting Perl structures to stri
ii  libhtml-mason-perl 1.04-1                HTML::Mason Perl module
ii  liblog-dispatch-pe 1.79-1                Dispatches messages to multiple Lo
ii  libmime-perl       5.411-1               Perl5 modules for MIME-compliant m
ii  libmldbm-perl      2.00-9                MLDBM perl module
ii  libparams-validate 0.04-1                Validate parameters to Perl method
ii  libtext-template-p 1.42-2                Text::Template perl module
ii  libtext-wrapper-pe 1.000-1               Simple word wrapping routine
ii  libtie-ixhash-perl 1.21-1                ordered associative arrays for Per
ii  make               3.79.1-14             The GNU version of the "make" util
ii  perl               5.6.1-8.3             Larry Wall's Practical Extraction 
ii  perl-modules       5.6.1-8.3             Core Perl modules.
ii  wwwconfig-common   0.0.19                Debian web auto configuration.

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