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Bug#211617: (no subject)

tags 211617 patch

[ Copied from 210619 ]

I tracked this down to /usr/share/sgml/{sp,OpenJade}/unicode/catalog.  If
either of these two is included as a catalog, then the above warnings occur.
If they are not included, only the warning "...numbers exceeding 65535..."
occurs, and that is a known jade limitation (bug 206707).  Part of the problem
is that for an XML file, docbook2pdf looks for a centralized catalog called
/etc/sgml/xml-docbook.cat, but on current Debian systems, XML catalogs are
listed in the same centralized catalog as SGML catalogs, i.e.,
/etc/sgml/catalog.  When it fails to find xml-docbook.cat, it just gets a list
of all catalogs under /usr/share/sgml, which includes the problematic unicode
catalogs, which apparently are not included in the centralized catalog.  You
can force it to use the centralized catalog like this:

docbook2pdf -n -c /etc/sgml/catalog foo.xml

When I did that, the warnings went away.  I also tried a catalog called
/etc/sgml/docbook-xml.cat, but using that as the argument for -c results in
other errors of omission that /etc/sgml/catalog resolves.

There are two steps I will take:

1) I will figure out what the problem with the unicode catalogs are (I am the
maintainer for both packages that provide them).  This bug will stay open
until I resolve that.

2) It appears to be a simple change to make the docbook2pdf script look for
the /etc/sgml/catalog by default on a Debian system, for both SGML and XML

This is a lot like bug 119498 against docbook-utils.  I'm not sure why it
was not fixed at that time.

This is the patch to make jw default to /etc/sgml/catalog for XML as well as
SGML files.  Instead of using a different name for the catalog depending on
whether it is XML or SGML, just always use the name "catalog".  I intend to do
an NMU of this sometime in the next few days, since the package is orphaned.

--- frontends/docbook.in.orig   2002-11-02 12:45:10.000000000 -0500
+++ frontends/docbook.in        2003-09-18 17:37:15.000000000 -0400
@@ -27,10 +27,7 @@
        if [ -z "$SGML_CATALOG" ]
-          if [ "${SGML_XML}" != "sgml" ]
-          then SGML_CATALOG=${SGML_CATALOGS_DIR}/${SGML_XML}-docbook.cat
-          else SGML_CATALOG=${SGML_CATALOGS_DIR}/catalog
-          fi
+          SGML_CATALOG=${SGML_CATALOGS_DIR}/catalog
        echo "$SGML_CATALOG"

Neil Roeth

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