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Bug#190617: Upcoming NMU's for missing Build-Depends

I've been making a series of NMU's to add Build-Depends to the last
few packages that still need them.  Since somebody pointed out to me
that it would be a good idea to give forewarning, both for the
maintainers' sake and to save me work if the maintainer decides to do
an upload finally (or request removal of an obsolete package), I'm
doing that now.  I hope to start on this list Monday evening and get
through it by the end of the week.

(Since there were so many bugs being mailed here, I might have made a
mistake with one or more of them.  If so, I apologize, and I'd
appreciate it if you could let me know so I can resend it to the
correct bug address.)
Daniel Schepler              "Please don't disillusion me.  I
schepler@math.berkeley.edu    haven't had breakfast yet."
                                 -- Orson Scott Card

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