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Bug#201133: megahal menu section 'Apps/AI' does not follow menu policy


I don't think AI is quite right a category anyway. This program is
actually more of a "conversation simulator". I don't see any category
which MegaHal really seams to fit into.

The submitter of bug 37157 suggested games/toys but I have to agree with
Joey Hess, MegaHal is more than a toy.

MegaHal could possibly fit under Apps/Net as there is an irc script in
there, but that wouldn't be where I'd look for it and it wouldn't be
running the irc script. Text sort of makes sense, but again I wouldn't
look for it there. I don't know if I could even suggest a new category
name which wouldn't be overly long or encapsulate any other Debian

I'm almost thinking it'd be worth adding other conversation simulators to
get a category for them, but I'm uniquely interested in MegaHal due to it's
use of Markov chain modeling. I'm not to interested in non Markov chain
based conversation simulators.

I guess the real question is, where would users want it?

     Drew Daniels

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