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Possible removal (or orphaning) of vold.

	Hello, QA people. Trying to close RC#138404, I see that the package is 
completely unmaintained. Please see http://bugs.debian.org/vold. The 
maintainer is not anybody from Debian (as far as I can investigate, because 
db.d.o keeps broken :-(  ).

	The bug (#138404) would be fixed by adapting the package to new C++ API 
(gcc-3.3 one). I think is not worth the effort. The package from Tollef does 
not fix anything, because the only thing changed in the new package is a 
different Depends: line. Not a forward-port. The maintainer seems to not be 

	I would bet for orphaning or removing entirely from the archive. What do you 

Orphan/Remove [default:O]?



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