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Bug#198676: gtk-doc-tools: fails to install

Jerome Warnier <jwarnier@relay.chello.be> wrote:

> When I try to install it, I get:
> Setting up gtk-doc-tools (1.0-6) ...
> install/gtk-doc-tools: Handling install for emacsen flavor emacs20
> IO error reading /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/subdirs.el: Invalid argument
> emacs-package-install:
> /usr/lib/emacsen-common/packages/install/gtk-doc-tools emacs20 emacs20
> failed at /usr/lib/emacsen-common/emacs-package-install line 30, <TSORT>
> line 1.

I cannot reproduce this problem with gtk-doc-tools 1.0-12. Can you try
this again? If it still fails, can you try, whether "cat
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/subdirs.el" works?


 - Sebastian

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