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Bug#191103: crash after replying to a ticket

(apologies for replying to myself)

On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 04:22:04PM +1000, Rudolph Pereira wrote:
> I believe that this problem makes request-tracker unusable as it stands in
> sarge/testing (this bug should probably be promoted to a serious issue,
> but I'll leave that to the package maintainers/others). 
> It would be good if a newer version could be packaged;
> this would also close #186202
I have since "upgraded" to request-tracker3 and the problems go away.
The upgrade process isn't seamless, so I can understand why there
is a separate package, but it might be best to (if possible) have the
request-tracker package depend on the older version of postgresql (the
one it works with) or somehow mark request-tracker as broken
(temporarily, and then removed if it isn't fixed) just so
users don't bother installing it (and then have to upgrade to get
something working)

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