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Re: intend to adopt calc, so does someone else--need advice

Hi, Craig.

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig P Steffen <craig@craigsteffen.net> writes:

    Craig> Greetings, I'm an avid Linux user and programmer, and I'd
    Craig> like to become a Debian Developer.  As the first step in
    Craig> this process, I'd like to take the calc source package and
    Craig> maintain it via a sponsor.

    Craig> I have downloaded it, updated the it against a more recent
    Craig> Debian Policy version.  I also fixed the only bug against
    Craig> the package (a wishlist that there be a file included in
    Craig> the documentation).  I have built the package, which is
    Craig> lintian clean, and tested on three different Debian
    Craig> machines of two different architectures; it's ready to go.

    Craig> Here's THE SNAG: I was sitting down to write to this list
    Craig> to request a sponsor, I thought I'd check the qa page for
    Craig> the package one more to make sure I hadn't missed anything.
    Craig> Bug 188998 is from David Rios (drios@ne.com.co) on April 14
    Craig> saying that he intends to adopt it.  I tried e-mailing him
    Craig> at that address, but it bounced with a "User Unknown"
    Craig> error.  I looked in the Debian Developer key ring, and I
    Craig> don't think he's there.

He's in the new maintainers queue, but his email address has changed
(switching jobs). You can reach him at dfrios@users.sf.net.

    Craig> If anyone has any advice as to whether or not it would be
    Craig> ethical to pursue getting a sponsor and uploading this
    Craig> package, I'd appreciate it.

Luis Bustamante

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