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Bug#191736: postrm: removal of $ORDCATS from $CENTRALCAT missing

close 191736
merge 191736 147296

On Sat, 03 May 2003, I wrote:

> Package: jade
> Version: 1.2.1-28
> Severity: normal
> In postinst I see some CATALOG handling:
> update-catalog --quiet --add ${CENTRALCAT} /usr/share/sgml/${ordcat}
> update-catalog --quiet --add --super ${CENTRALCAT}
> These actions aren't undone on removal or purge of the package, which
> results in openjade failing after removal of jade:
> openjade:/etc/sgml/jade.cat:8:8:E: cannot open "/usr/share/sgml/jade/catalog" (Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden)
> The command 
>  update-catalog --remove /etc/sgml/jade.cat /usr/share/sgml/jade/catalog
> to remove the last entry from /etc/sgml/jade.cat solves this problem.
> Maybe it would be good to add a 
>  update-catalog --remove super /etc/sgml/catalog
> and
>  rm -f /etc/sgml/jade.cat
> after this.

Forget my bug report.  I just upgraded to unstable (1.2.1-29.1) and
saw, that this bug was already reported and solved two months ago.
The problem was, that the package didn't reach testing and the bug
report was already archived, so I missed it in the BTS.

Sorry to have stolen your time...



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