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Bug#190031: FW: Bug#190031: Acknowledgement (bnetd) (fwd)

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Clark, Dennis wrote:

> When I mailed this the first time I had mistakenly thought the BTS would
> automatically forward the message to you, then I checked the BTS
> documentation and saw that the submitter only gets an automatic email when
> the bug is closed, not for regular bug replies.
I wasn't sure, but I suspected this. I try to follow my bugs closely.

> This is the first time I've maintained a Debian package, so I have a bit of
> a learning curve to go over. Thanks in advance for your patience!
No problem I'm looking to become a NM soon.

> Cheers,
> -- Dennis
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> From: Clark, Dennis
> Sent: Monday, April 21, 2003 12:14
> To: '190031@bugs.debian.org'
> Cc: 'dbugger@debian.org'
> Subject: RE: Bug#190031: Acknowledgement (bnetd) (fwd)
> The BTS probably still has the QA group as the maintainer because I only
> officially became maintainer about 18 hours ago (that's when I uploaded the
> package :-)
Colin Watson confirmed this.

> Thank you for the bug report, and for letting me know about it. I do know
> about PvPGN, and intend to package it once I become more familiar with it.
> My main reason for adopting bnetd is so that it won't be deleted from the
> Debian archives (it was on the list of orphaned packages scheduled to be
> deleted). Once pvpgn is packaged, I will make a dummy bnetd upgrade which
> will depend on pvpgn, enabling a (hopefully) smooth upgrade for bnetd users.
> Oh, and I'm almost certain pvpgn doesn't help a bit with bug #134984, as
> pvpgn has the all the functionality of bnetd, and it's the functionality
> that Blizzard is concerned about. In fact the only thing that I can think of
> that will close bug #134984 is the US Supreme court repealling the DMCA :-).
Actually the DMCA issue was dropped, but the case continues on other
issues. The bnetd name is disliked by Blizzard. There were some other
issues of not attributing Blizzard as the Trademark holder of several of
it's trademarks such as Warcraft, starcraft, warcraft II... See the EFF
web page about this issue. I'd recommend going through and making sure that
the names are properly attributed as being trademarks of Blizzard when

I looked at the differences between PvPGN and it does not look all that
great. Major additions for MySQL (for player saving, ladders,
stats...) and WarCraft III were written. I also see a few references to
Blizzard's ownership of trademarks were dropped (or placed elsewhere?).

     Drew Daniels

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