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Bug#190031: Acknowledgement (bnetd) (fwd)

Title: RE: Bug#190031: Acknowledgement (bnetd) (fwd)

The BTS probably still has the QA group as the maintainer because I only officially became maintainer about 18 hours ago (that's when I uploaded the package :-)

Thank you for the bug report, and for letting me know about it. I do know about PvPGN, and intend to package it once I become more familiar with it. My main reason for adopting bnetd is so that it won't be deleted from the Debian archives (it was on the list of orphaned packages scheduled to be deleted). Once pvpgn is packaged, I will make a dummy bnetd upgrade which will depend on pvpgn, enabling a (hopefully) smooth upgrade for bnetd users.

Oh, and I'm almost certain pvpgn doesn't help a bit with bug #134984, as pvpgn has the all the functionality of bnetd, and it's the functionality that Blizzard is concerned about. In fact the only thing that I can think of that will close bug #134984 is the US Supreme court repealling the DMCA :-).


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From: Drew Scott Daniels [mailto:umdanie8@cc.UManitoba.CA]
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To: Dennis L. Clark
Subject: Bug#190031: Acknowledgement (bnetd) (fwd)

I submitted a new bug and it went to the qa group. I notice you intend to
be the new maintainer. I'm unsure why my bug went to the qa group and not
you, I'm also unsure as to why http://packages.qa.debian.org/b/bnetd.html
lists the qa group as being the Maintainer.

     Drew Daniels

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