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Re: Please recompile packages against libmysqlclient12.

Previously Steve Langasek wrote:
> The new libmysqlclient12 package comes from MySQL 4.0.  It has been
> known for some time that the libmysqclient library in MySQL 4.0 would
> *not* be released under the LGPL: it is GPL only.  If your package which
> links against libmysqclient is not GPL-compatible, or if your package is
> a library which is used by other GPL-incompatible packages in Debian,
> you cannot upload your package built against libmysqlclient12.

It's even worse: from what I gather the new libmysqlclient is linked
with OpenSSL, which is not compatible with the GPL. So if your package
is GPLed you can't link with libmysqlclient since that will pull in
OpenSSL, but if you package does not have a GPL compatible license you
can't use libmysqlclient either.


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