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Bug#167934: Please include /usr/lib/jni in default JNI search path

Package: ibm-jdk1.1-installer
Severity: wishlist

Hi.  There is currently a discussion on debian-java@lists.debian.org to
tighten debian java policy regarding JNI libraries.

Specifically, the proposal is that all JNI libraries should be installed
in /usr/lib/jni, and that /usr/lib/jni should be included in the default
JNI search path by each JVM.  There appears to be no serious objection
to this proposal.

A decent subset of this discussion, including the full proposal, can be
found with the archives of bug #163390.  The full discussion can be
found by searching the debian-java archives for October and November 2002.

The java policy maintainer has asked for wishlist bugs to be filed
against the various JVMs as the next stage in moving this proposal
forwards.  Thus I'm requesting that your JVM be updated to include
/usr/lib/jni in the default JNI library path.

If you don't wish to modify the JVM sources directly and if your JVM
supports -Djava.library.path=... as a way of specifying the JNI library
path, you can use a simple wrapper script to implement this proposal.
Such a wrapper script is included in the #163390 logs and is also
available at:


It merely appends /usr/lib/jni to the JNI search path if it's not already
included and passes everything on to the real java runtime.

Thanks - Ben.


Ben Burton
benb@acm.org  |  bab@debian.org
Public Key: finger bab@db.debian.org

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