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new upstream location


I wanted to notify you that I've set up a new upstream location for
websec. It's at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/websec/

I am not really taking upstream maintenance role, mostly providing a
place and service to keep all updates in one place. The Debian package
had various changes since upstream author dropped development and I
opted to start a project to make it available to everyone.

I have merged all code changes from the debian package and made it
available as version 1.4.0

I have also taken the patches from the Debian PTS patches bug and will
try to merge them in a useful way.

If you are a Perl programmer I'd be glad to give you developer access to
the savannah cvs archive for you to work on. I'm a programmer but Perl
is not my mother tongue, so I can do the work, it's just taking time.

If you do any code changes in the debian package only, I'd suggest
posting a bug report on the project list so it can be added in due time
to the main archive.


Baruch Even

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