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Bug#165782: utah-glx_0.0-cvs-20010702-4(alpha/unstable): outdated config.guess/config.sub

Package: utah-glx
Version: 0.0-cvs-20010702-4
Severity: serious

There was an error while trying to autobuild your package:

> Automatic build of utah-glx_0.0-cvs-20010702-4 on lully by sbuild/alpha 1.169
> Build started at 20020926-2300


> ** Using build dependencies supplied by package:
> Build-Depends: jade, jadetex, sgml-data, docbook-xml, docbook-stylesheets, lynx, tclsh, gs, autoconf, debhelper (>= 2.2.0), xlib6g-dev


> checking for mkdir... mkdir -p
> checking for ctags... no
> checking for tclsh... tclsh
> checking for perl... perl
> checking for gccmakedep... gccmakedep
> checking for find... find
> checking for sh... /bin/sh
> checking for sed... sed
> checking for tar... tar
> checking for bzip2... no
> checking for gzip... gzip
> checking for cvs... no
> checking build system type... Invalid configuration `alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu': machine `alphaev6-unknown' not recognized
> configure: error: /bin/sh ./config.sub alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu failed
> make: *** [build-stamp] Error 1

A full build log can be found at:

utah-glx doesn't support the alphaev6 system type, which the autobuilder runs
on.  Updating config.guess and config.sub with versions from this year should
fix the problem.

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