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Re: coll representative

habib  bensalah

--- habib ben salah <habibhbs@yahoo.fr> wrote:
>hullo good morning
>i am tunisian man 30 years experiance representative
>age 52 years i collabore 20 compagnys europe asia usa
>in different product &service many sector import exprt
>investement recrutement advertising organisation .....
>i offer representative office for your activity in n
>africa in tunisia please send your detail activity
>condition mode commission price catalogues........
>for collaboration possible in french
>best regards
>habib bensalah  n 20  rue n 10010    1009  tunis 
>tunisia  n africa
>tel 00 216498272  00 21698217277
>Do You Yahoo!? -- Une adresse @yahoo.fr gratuite et en français !
>Yahoo! Mail : http://fr.mail.yahoo.com

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