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Bug#82908: http://people.debian.org/~vela/elm-me+/00-debian.diff

severity 82908 wishlist
clone 82908 -1
retitle 82908 elm-me+: mail.services not good enough
retitle -1 elm-me+: editing headers using arrow keys

petr@hudec.name writes:

> retitle 82908 elm-me+: Problem connecting to POP3 and editing headers using arrow keys
> severity 82908 normal

First, you have been explained twice the documented, working procedure
for handling the situation.  If you dislike it, the only appropriate
severity is `wishlist' (the likely tag being `wontfix').

Second, the two issues are in no way related, and must be filed as
separate reports.

Third, you omitted my question about README.ME+.

> Actually the timeout was around 30 minutes and it didn't get through
> anyway.

(You were talking about a configurable timeout, so I assumed a minimum
practical value.)

> 15-30 seconds wouldn't be such a big of deal if, at the end, it actually
> connected. If I had to wait 30 seconds for Elm to connect to POP3, where
> IMAP is totally disabled because I didn't create elsewhere mentioned text
> file, then I would accept it.

That is absurd.  You would rather waste time each and every day than
write a single line to a single file once?  There is *no chance* this
will ever be implemented.

> > So you agree that it's upstream call?
> There is no good (and, especially, safe) answer to that. :-) Upstream
> doesn't support binary distributions and Debian doesn't change (much) what
> upstream distributes. Especially now, when there is no "real" Debian
> maintainer.
> So, I don't agree, nor disagree. I believe I will make my mind once I try
> new Elm. Until then do whatever suits you.

Why reply if you have nothing to say?

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