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Bug#82906: Typos in elm -vv.

Petr Hudec <pehasys@PeHaSys.dnsalias.net> writes:

> Package: elm-me+
> Version: 2.4pl25ME+87-1
> Severity: wishlist
> (maybe minor?)
> Some of these would, probably, require changes in Makefile (or configure?),
> hopefully all of them are "doable", though:
> "Elm will add the From: header: not DONT_ADD_FROM"	could be 
> "Elm will add the From: header: yes"			or
> "Elm will not add the From: header: no"			or
> "Elm will add the From: header: ADD_FROM"
> "Folder locking in not possible: not SYSCALL_LOCKING"	probably should be
> Folder locking if not possible: not SYSCALL_LOCKING"
> "No debug options are available: not DEBUG"		could be
> "Available debug options: no DEBUG"			or maybe
> "No debug options: yes"					or
> "Debug options: no DEBUG"				
> ...or it means something else but then I didn't get it

These three have been fixed.

> Well, there are few more that I don't list. I would suggest not to use
> negative options like "Don't use 8BIT content_transfer_encoding with
> -B8BITMIME -option". It may make sense if the used option was positive (just
> "USE_8BITMIME"). But even then, why couldn't it be: "Use 8BIT
> content_transfer_encoding with -B8BITMIME -option: no USE_8BITMIME" or "8BIT
> content_transfer_encoding with -B8BITMIME -option: do not USE_8BITMIME".
> Something like that. Using many negatives makes it hard to read and
> understand what actually is it saying.
> Hm... maybe it was meant as "Don't use 8BIT content_transfer_encoding with
> -B8BITMIME -option (not USE_8BITMIME)" ? Without colon? Just explaining the
> first part. In either case, I would like it more clear.

Is 2.4pl25ME+99c-1 okay?



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