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Bug#113445: elm-me+: fmt would be useful as a standalone utility

On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 10:03:44AM +0300, era eriksson wrote:
> I like the frm(1) program which comes with Elm, but I don't wish to
> install the whole Elm package for a single small utility.
> Would you consider moving the non-Elm-specific utilities into their
> own separate package? Most of the following I think could benefit from
> being made available to a broader audience.
> usr/bin/answer                                              mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/checkalias                                          mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/fastmail                                            mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/frm                                                 mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/listalias                                           mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/messages                                            mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/newalias                                            mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/newmail                                             mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/nfrm                                                mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/printmail                                           mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/readmsg                                             mail/elm-me+
> usr/bin/wnewmail                                            mail/elm-me+
> (Not intimately familiar with many of these -- no doubt some of them
> will only work with Elm aliases or something.)
> Meanwhile, I'm sure I can cook up a simple shell function with
> formail(1) for my own needs, so this is definitely a wishlist-level
> report.

Have you tried mailutils?  I think it's exactly what you want.



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