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Bug#135445: kinkatta: Please add more information to the extended description


There is no real "Features"-List or description on upstream's Website. I 
looked through the website and collected a few features.
Please correct typos/grammar mistakes before uploading, because I am not a
native english speaker.


Description: Fully configurable AOL instant messenger client for KDE
 Kinkatta is a fully configurable AOL instant messenger client for KDE.
 Here is a small list of its features:
  o Direct printing out of the chat window
  o Full Logging Support
  o Support for smiles
  o "/me"-Support (like in IRC)
  o Fully configurable chat-windows (font, color, background, ...)
  o Auto URL tagging
  o Flashing toolbar icon on new message(s)
  o Supports AOL Chatrooms
  o Supports user groups (eg. friends, school, ...)
  o Displays idle-time/last-on-time in main window
  o Permit/Deny options for users
  o Auto away. Away-Message-Template supports %n, %d and %t
  o Supports import/export of buddy lists
  o Fully configurable sound
  o Passwords are not saved as plain text

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