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Bug#158718: kde goes off deep end on startup

package: kde
Version: 4:2.2.25
Severity: important

I've had a reoccuring problem with several installs of woody where kde
will stop responding on the startup screen while "starting system
services." The line "ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid =
710, errno = 2 KLauncher: Exiting on signal 15" is occasionally
outputted to the .kde2-errors file, but not always.  In order to start
kde properly again, I'm forced to killall kdeinit, then remove the files
.DCOPserver_(hostname) and .MCOP-random-seed from my home directory.
Once the problem begins, this is required upon every logout of kde.  

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux Ranma 2.4.18 #1 Sun Aug 25 23:24:30 EDT 2002 i686

Versions of packages kde depends on:
ii  ark                   4:2.2.2-9          An archiver for KDE
ii  gdm [x-display-manage          GNOME Display Manager
ii  kab                   4:2.2.2-9          An addressbook for KDE
ii  karm                  4:2.2.2-9          A time tracker for KDE
ii  kate                  4:2.2.2-14         text editor for KDE
ii  kcalc                 4:2.2.2-9          A calculator for KDE
ii  kcharselect           4:2.2.2-9          A Character set selector for KDE
ii  kcoloredit            4:2.2.2-6.4        An editor for palette files
ii  kcron                 4:2.2.2-7          Crontab editor for KDE
ii  kdebase               4:2.2.2-14         KDE core applications
ii  kdebase-audiolibs     4:2.2.2-14         KDE audio libraries amd modules 
ii  kdebase-doc           4:2.2.2-14         Documentation for Applications 
ii  kdebase-libs          4:2.2.2-14         KDE libraries and modules for 
ii  kdelibs3              4:2.2.2-13.woody.2 KDE core libraries (runtime 
ii  kdepasswd             4:2.2.2-9          A Password changer frontend for 
ii  kdewallpapers         4:2.2.2-14         Some wallpapers for KDE
ii  kdf                   4:2.2.2-9          Disk space GUI for KDE
ii  kdict                 4:2.2.2-14.0woody1 dict client based on KDE/Qt
ii  kdm                   4:2.2.2-14         The K Desktop Manager
ii  kdm [x-display-manage 4:2.2.2-14         The K Desktop Manager
ii  kedit                 4:2.2.2-9          A simple text editor for KDE
ii  kfind                 4:2.2.2-9          A KDE based file finder
ii  kfract                4:2.2.2-6.4        fractal generator for KDE
ii  kghostview            4:2.2.2-6.4        PostScript viewer for KDE.
ii  khexedit              4:2.2.2-9          A hex editor for KDE
ii  kiconedit             4:2.2.2-6.4        An icon editor for creating KDE 
ii  kit                   4:2.2.2-14.0woody1 AOL Instant Messenger frontend 
ii  kjots                 4:2.2.2-9          A small note taker program for 
ii  kmail                 4:2.2.2-14.0woody1 Mail Client based on Qt and KDE
ii  knewsticker           4:2.2.2-14.0woody1 A News ticker for KDE
ii  knode                 4:2.2.2-14.0woody1 News reader for KDE
ii  knotes                4:2.2.2-9          Sticky notes for KDE
ii  koffice               1:1.1.1-7          KDE Office Suite
ii  konqueror             4:2.2.2-14         KDE's advanced File Manager, Web 
ii  konsole               4:2.2.2-14         X terminal emulation for KDE
ii  korn                  4:2.2.2-14.0woody1 Mail notifier for KDE
ii  kpackage              4:2.2.2-7          Software package tool for KDE
ii  kpaint                4:2.2.2-6.4        A Simple Paint Program for KDE
ii  kpm                   4:2.2.2-9          Process manager for KDE
ii  kruler                4:2.2.2-6.4        a screen ruler and color 
ii  kscreensaver          4:2.2.2-14         Screen savers for KDE
ii  ksirc                 4:2.2.2-14.0woody1 IRC Client based on Qt and KDE
ii  ksnapshot             4:2.2.2-6.4        Screenshot application for KDE
ii  ksysv                 4:2.2.2-7          SysV-style init configuration 
ii  ktimer                4:2.2.2-9          a timer for KDE
ii  kuser                 4:2.2.2-7          A user/group administration tool 
ii  kview                 4:2.2.2-6.4        A simple image viewer/converter 
ii  libarts               4:2.2.2-13.woody.2 aRts Sound system
ii  libkmid               4:2.2.2-13.woody.2 aRts Sound system (midi/kmedia 
ii  libkonq3              4:2.2.2-14         Core libraries for KDE's file 
ii  secpolicy             4:2.2.2-7          PAM security policy 
ii  xdm [x-display-manage 4.1.0-16           X display manager

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