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xmbase-grok_1.5-2_i386.changes is NEW

(new) xmbase-grok_1.5-2.diff.gz optional contrib/x11
(new) xmbase-grok_1.5-2.dsc optional contrib/x11
(new) xmbase-grok_1.5-2_i386.deb optional contrib/x11
WARNING: Already present in main distribution.
Graphical Resource Organizer Kit
 xmbase-grok, formerly just called "grok", is a simple database manager
 and UI builder that can -
   *  keep phone and address lists (like a rolodex)
   *  store phone call logs
   *  keep todo lists
   *  manage any other database after simple GUI-driven customization
   *  customized data export, HTML export built in
 More precisely, grok is a program for displaying and editing strings
 arranged in a grid of rows and columns. Each row is presented as a "card"
 consisting of multiple columns, or "fields", that allow data entry. The
 presentation of the data is programmable; a user interface builder that
 allows the user to arrange fields on a card graphically is part of grok.
 Grok also supports a simple language that allows sophisticated queries
 and data retrieval. Grok comes with the above examples and a few others
 as pre-built applications.
 Grok is not a general-purpose database program. It was designed for small
 applications typical for desktop accessories. If you attempt to run your
 major airline reservation system or your space shuttle project with it,
 you are guaranteed to be disappointed.
 By Thomas Driemeyer <thomas@bitrot.in-berlin.de>
Changes: xmbase-grok (1.5-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * QA upload.
  * Compiled against Open Motif; section changed to contrib/x11.  (With
    LessTif 0.93.36 it isn't even possible to open a database.)
    Closes: #76360, #152089.
  * Moved /usr/share/xmbase-grok/demo to /usr/share/xmbase-grok/grokdir,
    which is what src/mainwin.c expects.
  * Switched to debhelper 4.
  * debian/README.Debian: Remove list of build dependencies.
  * debian/copyright: Update.
  * debian/doc-base: Upstream switched from PostScript to HTML.
  * debian/rules: Install HISTORY as upstream changelog.
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Closing bugs: 152089 76360 

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