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Bug#134742: Spying at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=134742

Peter T. Breuer:
> > Statting perhaps can be delayed until someone asks flags
> > for entry from Elm's internal directory browser.
> Flags for entry?  Asks FOR flags?  I'm afraid I don't follow ..  what is
> this about flags?  And what is an internal directory browser ..  elm
> doesn't browse, does it?  It shows you all mailboxes if you type an
> asterisk, but I've never seen anything that could remotely be called a
> browser!

That it is.

You can browse files and imap mailboxes -- that includes imap mailbox hierarcy
and local directory structure.

You can also use TABulator character -- ie write directory name
or username@imap.server and press TABulator.

That is on chapter "Folder and file browser" on file README.ME+

(That file is on top level directory on Elm ME+ distribution.
 Also http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/elm-2.4ME+.README

I do not quote chapter, you then probably just complain my english .-)

/ Kari Hurtta

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