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Bug#134742: Spying at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=134742

Peter T. Breuer:
> IMO it's simply a programming error, and the simplest thing is to
> correct it. Are you saying that this behaviour is _intentional_? What is
> its objective?

Doing directory lookup is _intentional_.

Statting perhaps can be delayed until someone asks flags
for entry from Elm's internal directory browser.

Default value of local-fast-lookup can perhaps made function of 
local-fast-lookup, but that is little more complicated.

(ie. US-ASCII, and quite likely all ISO-8859-x are OK for 
 local-fast-lookup=YES. However default value is SYSTEM. 
 On other with UTF-8 definately local-fast-lookup=NO is needed
 if we not know that unicode strings are canonified everywhere. )

 Kari Hurtta

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