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Bug#142355: freeamp freezing due to watch directory frequency

Package: freeamp

I was having the hardest time figuring out why I couldn't launch Freeamp
and not have it freeze.  I am glad I persisted instead of giving up.

The problem began after I had some files in my Watch/Save Music Folder 
as defined in Options...Directories...Watch This Directory... the 
application wouldn't respond to anything.  It would just sit there no 
matter what I tried to click.  The X window showed fine by there was no 
response from any control.

The trouble was the Options...Directories...Watch This Directory... setting.
I had to change it to "Never".  This solved my problems!  I'm not sure why,
but I'm willing to help debug it.


-- Grant Bowman                                <grantbow@grantbow.org>

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