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Bug#141702: skipped lyrics in playmidi -r

Package: playmidi
Version: 2.4-4

playmidi -r occasionally misses some lines of lyrics. splaymidi and
xplaymidi don't. The missed lines are generally shorter than most other
lines (usually between 1 and 3 characters long). The same lines are
consistently missed each time the file is played. The skipped lines
appear to be correctly formatted in the files.

Kernel: 			2.4.19-pre5
libc6:				2.2.5-3
libncurses5 version:	5.2.20020112a-7
libxaw7 version:		4.1.0-15
svgalibg1 version:		1.4.3-7
xlibs version:		4.1.0-15
debconf version:		1.0.32


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