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XForms is now free software

Hello fellow Debian Developers,

Good news!

XForms was released under the LGPL on April 1st.  I'll let you know once
it is uploaded to Debian (in a month or so, see below) so you can build
against it and move your packages from contrib to main (Yippee!) if they
are otherwise DFSG-compliant.

The upstream XForms sources are available at:


As you can see from the version number, this is a provisional release.
A completed V1.0 release is expected by May 1st that will have updated
docs and merged-in bug fixes.

I have test packages up at http://people.debian.org/~psg/xforms which is
apt-get'able using:

deb http://people.debian.org/~psg/xforms ./

Do _NOT_ upload packages built against these packages to Debian.  They
are merely for testing.  For one thing, the libforms SONAME is 0.9999 in
package libforms0 and I expect the final version to have a SONAME of 1.0
and be packaged as libforms1.

There are no .diff.gz and .dsc files because I still have a lot of work
to do to get my source tree to allow dpkg-buildpackage to work
(currently fails on 'make clean' and I need to patch the Makefile made
by imake to use shared libraries).

What this means for version 0.88 and 0.89:  XForms authors now consider
these versions deprecated.  If I can get the open source version of
XForms into woody, it would make sense to then ask the archive manager
to remove 0.88 and 0.89 from woody at that point, presuming all your
packages are updated.  If anyones lacks time and needs NMUs done on
their packages, let me know.  I hope that xfmail will work with the new
XForms by then.


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