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Bug#140071: zope-loginmanager: new French templates file

Package: zope-loginmanager
Version: 0.8.8b1-1.2
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch


here is a new Debconf templates file in French.  Its encoding is
iso-8859-1, and you should certainly get it from
in order to avoid encoding mismatch.

Moreover, you merge all translations in a single file, which makes it
impossible for translators to know of outdated fields.  Please keep
translated templates in a per language basis, see
for details.
In short, just put this file under debian/ subdirectory, and
dh_installdebconf will automatically handle this translation.


Denis Barbier

================ File:  zope-loginmanager/templates.fr  =================
Template: zope-loginmanager/postinst
Type: boolean
Default: true
Description: Do you want me to restart Zope?
 To let this product/feature work properly, you need to restart Zope. If
 you want, I may restart Zope automatically, else you should do it your
Description-fr: Voulez-vous redémarrer Zope ?
 Il faut redémarrer Zope afin que ce produit fonctionne correctement. Si
 vous le désirez, Zope peut être redémarré automatiquement, sinon vous
 devrez le faire par vous-même.
============= End of file:  zope-loginmanager/templates.fr  =============

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